Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish, Thurgoona, NSW
with the support of members of
Legion of Mary, Melbourne Senatus & friends
have offered in a Prayer Crusade a spiritual bouquet of
17,656 Rosaries to
Our Blessed Mother
for the protection of Pope Benedict XVI
World Youth Day 2008

and the Fly Away To Heaven Fly A Thon Project


Fly Away to Heaven Prayer Crusade

It is impossible to think that a Project undertaken without prayer is going to be successful. The Fly Away to Heaven Project knows only too well the necessity of prayer to keep this flight in aid of the people of East Timor on course. To be successful and achieve a generous response to the ‘gift of giving’ a ‘Prayer Crusade’ for God’s blessings has been given top priority for the Fly Away to Heaven Project.
In May 2008, a National Fly-a-thon in a Jabiru J400 named ‘Angel Wings’ built by Fr. John Fowles of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish Thurgoona NSW will take to the skies. The Priest/Pilot, Fr John Fowles intends to complete 12 legs of the flight around Australia, bringing awareness to the plight of the people of East Timor.  At the same time ‘Angel Wings’ will take the message of World Youth Day 2008 across Australia by encouraging young people to participate in this wonderful event.
One of the aims of the Fly Away to Heaven Project is to fundraise through its theme song, ‘Earth Angels Care’. The proceeds from this inspired CD will help to bring out ten young people from East Timor to World Youth Day. To these Timorese, the possibility of sharing such a day with the youth of the world is only a dream however the Fly Away to Heaven Project hopes to make this dream a reality.
The Fly Away to Heaven Project has instigated a ‘Prayer Crusade’ throughout the Dioceses of Australia. In doing so, the Project has opened up an opportunity for people throughout Australia to unite together by way of placing their signatures with their prayer commitment in a beautiful book. This book will be presented to our Holy Father Pope Benedict at World Youth Day.
Our “goodwill” flight will inspire others to take up the challenge for the poor and needy, while at the same time, it will revitalise our own commitment to the Christian way of life. By taking part in our ‘Prayer Crusade’, we believe many will go further in their efforts to achieve the ideals for which World Youth Day signifies, that is, to express goodness and generosity, ideals which all young people aspire too.
The ‘Prayer Crusade’ seeking God’s protection for World Youth Day 2008 and the safety of all international pilgrims travelling to Australia is a way that we can spiritually become one with Christ, uniting us together to celebrate this wonderful event.



The Petition of Prayer can be downloaded here.

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