Family outside their traditional house
Kids from East Timor

Fund Raising Events

The Fly Away to Heaven initiave has several major events to help raise funds.

Details of each of the events are below:

  • Fly-A-Thon
    A national corporate sponsored Fly-a-thon, piloted by Father John Fowles CCS, scheduled to depart 1st May 2008
  • Music CD - "Earth Angels Care"
    The on-going sale of our theme song 'Earth Angels Care' written by Vanessa Selwyn, Roger Corbett and Korey Livy, performed by Korey Livy and released for sale on Saturday the 26th May 2007.
  • The Fly Away to Heaven Charity Ball
    Hosted by the Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Thurgoona NSW, was held on 26th May, 2007.

The Fly Away to Heaven initiative has established several exciting fund raising events to achieve the goal of donating 1 million dollars to the underprivileged in specific areas of East Timor.  Our success is reliant upon the support and enthusiasm of the wider community.  

Feel free to mention these fundraising initiatives to family, friends, work colleagues or relevant community groups who may wish to join us on our journey. Donations can be made in conjunction with or in addition to the above fundraising initiatives.  We'd sincerely like to thank all those who are contributing to this project.  

If you have other fundraising suggestions to assist this project, please contact on (61 2 6043 2222).

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