'Fly Away to Heaven' Initiative

The Fly Away to Heaven initiative emerged purely from the necessity to give back.
Father John Fowles CCS, the parish priest at the 'Immaculate Heart of Mary' Parish, Thurgoona, New South Wales heads the project.

After two 'Highway to Heaven' truck raffles, numerous other fundraisers and years of working bees, we had achieved a significant goal. At the outset it had seemed so remote - a beautiful Church complex in honor of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in our own Parish.

Yet today, it stands before us, a symbol of what can be achieved when people unite in support of a worthy cause. Now it is time to hand on the blessings we have received through the generosity of others. It is our turn to give and after considerable reflection, we have chosen to support the people of East Timor as worthy recipients of our charity. This commitment sparked the concept of a Fly-a-thon. Naturally, a Fly-a-thon requires an aeroplane and although a priest with a license to fly, Fr John Fowles had no plane. In March 2004, a $70,000 Jabiru J400 aircraft kit was generously donated to the project, it was both unexpected and unsolicited.

Mondays, traditionally known as the 'priest's day off', were spent building our aircraft, aptly named 'Angel Wings'.

Although it has taken three years, with the ready help of a few parishioners and a few more generous sponsors, we faced the challenges as they arose and now 'Angel Wings' is ready to take to the sky.

See the 'Angel Wings' plane getting built.

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